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Best wishes for 2013.

Slough and Steady in 2013..

The fiery Dragon has flamed past and the year of the snake slithers round the corner. Now’s a good time to look at our footsteps, remind ourselves how we made them.

Like the bendy serpent, every now and then it helps not to follow where a path may lead, but go, instead, where there may be no path and leave a trail. Let 's let ourselves be silently swallowed by the pull of what we really love, even if it means we might have to slough our skin and start afresh.

While the venomous creepy crawlies get the short end of the stick -- think Snakes & Ladders -- here’s hoping that in 2013 you will find a way to charm the serpents in your life and find many ladders to climb . . . perhaps this snake will bring a ladder or two.

Wish you and your loved ones a graceful zigzag of love, hiss-terical laughter, the coming true of choicest dreams and all the wonderful things we are fangful for!