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Best wishes for 2014.

Gallopin' 2014..


My dear friend,

This is the year of the horse you know
You hear the hoofbeats, swish of tails?
Let’s begin our dog and pony show
Wrapped for no reason in rhyming bales--

As the hooves and hoove-nots of your stride
From last year fade, let us recall
It isn’t enough knowing how to ride
We must also master how to fall

Tis a foal’s errand to stirrup emotion:
Memories wound to us by cable
Horsin’ around is often a trojan
That keeps us from things more stable

As we leap o‘er the year, let us surpass
All the fences that held us back
Ensure that we save our...(mm, donkey)
And trot our senses back on track

There may be iron shoes and kinks --
But through the harness round our neck
Let’s ride the saddle that challenge brings
And let the neigh-sayers go to heck!


Wish you and your loved
ones a galloping 2014!


Shashank :)