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Happy Ewe Year! - Best wishes for 2015

My dear friend,

As the fleece of this year gets shorn
Let’s give a nod, a tip of the lid
To rich endeavours that were borne
And people who coulda, shoulda, and did

Time flies (though unlike Malaysian airways
It never really pulls wool over our eyes)
So here’s my ritual pun-filled graze
To knit-pick and dole out yearly advice--

Were the bellwether to be seen and herd
Some hard times may soon be showing;
But changes, when fully observed,
Tell us it’s just the soft times going

A twist of feta can change your scene
From being the shank of a sacrificial lamb
To prancing on pastures a tad more green
So you must keep pushing your RAM

Shepherd the things that get your goat
Don’t be sheeple (the way of the meek)
Plan your grand visions but note
That “Someday” isn’t a day of the week

Enter new pastures with bleating hearts
The time of the hour is live-o’-clock
May your health be off the charts
About anything else, who gives a flock!




With the very best wishes for
you & your loved ones in 2015!

Shashank :)