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Happy 2018!


My dear friend,

Was the year ruff, did life play fetch?
And a Breakfast at Sniffany’s all you got?
I know the feeling, it isn’t a stretch
To think it happens more often than not

Someone, it’s said, let the dogs out
But the pups are now back wagging tails
So it’s time for our annual bout
With punny wisdom that seldom fails—

“Old dogs, new tricks”, is what one says
Of habits as one is defending them
One of these days is none of these days
Now’s the time to be amending them

When you stick your neck in a window
And find by wind it is blown
Keep this timeless advice in tow:
Why bite if a growl will get the bone?

Fear is often the highest beam
Get off your butt and on your feet
With dogged pursuit, chase your dream
Like it’s the last car on the street

You’ll see if you pawsitively think
And be who a dog thinks you are and more
I shih-tzu not, your worries will shrink
It’s canine magic: Abra-Ca-Labrador!

As you say hello to these furry pooches,
Give the bark side a warm embrace
May you find love like their smooches
Coming softly, but flooding your face

Last but not leashed, there’s no doubt
Of all good things for you I wish this most—
May you never be out and about
Stuck between a dog and a lamppost!