Shanx | Shashank Tripathi

Happy 2019!


My dear friend,

At another year’s corner we’ve landed
Time for wishes you’ll find ham-handed
But what kind of a porcine would I be
Missing this chance to spread some glee?
Whatever we have in our piggy bank
Bet there’s much for us to thank
It’s important not to stand and pout
Know what is enough, what is snout
Often in life’s endless shuffle
We muck about ‘fore we hit the truffle
Remember Babe? Let’s not be mistaken,
It took grit to bring home the bacon
Who knows what the future will farrow
The margin for guesses is fairly narrow
But life’s a sausage, this much is plain--
What you stuff in it is what it’ll contain
As Piglet had said so Pooh could hear
“Oh, d-d-d-dear! I musn’t f-f-f-fear!”
Let this be the year you find your squeal
From little moments dig a pig deal
Go the whole hog in fresher quarries
Grow not in years, but in stories
(And if these puns are pearls to the swine
Let’s just say this: you will do fine!)