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Best wishes for 2010.

24-carrot wishes for many good hare days in 2011!

Here we go. Another year gone, a year of some bad monies, some mad bunnies. But why split hares; the year of the cautious rabbit is now here, so like little bunnies scurrying to their warren, let’s travel light and leave behind what we don’t need to carry.

This is that time of new beginnings -- not just fresh starts to old habits, but maybe some new ones too? Unlike the proverbial rabbit who napped and lost to a slower turtle, here’s hoping that this year will see you at your best, burrowing into walls that surround your dreams, making your days be soft and furry, and confusing the forces that work against you so they get lost on their way....

Here are my 24-carrot wishes for this year so it comes filled with the magic of smiles, many successes, and “good hare days” for you and yours!
-Shashank :)