Here’s to a sizzling 2024!

Here’s to a sizzling 2024!
Jan 1, 2024
My dear friend,
As the year of bunny turns its page
A mythical dragon rattles its cage
To folksy wisdom let us surrender
Greet this beast both fierce n’ tender
In searing bites and flaming sips
Let’s nibble on yearly fireside tips——
There’s no Smaug without a fire
So when things feel drippy or dire
Light up fangs from here to infinity
Sporting grins in that vicinity
Breathing down, let’s flick our tails
And soon we’ll find we tip the scales
In favour of hissing a happy tune
Cuz too often too late is too soon;
In matters of the heart be sweet n’ kind
Some distance is magic, you will find..
It is to love what wind is to flame—
Douses a candle, but torches big game
Speaking of candles if you’re ever in dark
And all you’ve got is an ember of spark
That little ember may not be in vain
It’s all you need for a bonfire again
And thus it is and so it goes
As every shimmering wyrmling knows
When our mighty wings are put to test
We’ll be heads & smoulders above the rest
If we “Dracarys!” life’s draughty maze
And set our woes and worries ablaze!
Here's wishing you and loved ones a sizzling,
joyful n’ peaceful leap Year of the Dragon!
-Shanx :)

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