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Happy 2016!

My dear friend,

Time to shear the year of the sheep
Pick new chatter on the apevine
Lessons to toss and lessons to keep
Some that hurt and some benign

But as we swing to a newer tree
Let’s take a chimp off the old block—
It’s often the last of a set of keys
That manages to open a given lock

This obstinacy is one such skill
Seen of ‘Hanuman’ or ‘Sun Wukong’
Our prime mates with the force of will
Who‘ve shown us how to brave a wrong

If you’re nursing some sticky scars
Remember it’s been wisely said:
Life is a bit like monkey bars—
We must let go to move ahead

Don’t slip on God’s banana skin
As “monkey’s uncle” (or his chum)
There are two flavours on life’s tin:
Yum and Yuck; may yours be Yum.


HAPPY 2016!


Here’s to a leaping 2016,
the year of monkey, for
you and your loved ones!

Shashank :)