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Happy 2017!


My dear friend,

Another fresh start, roosters will soon crow
Let’s hatch inane puns to go with the flow
Hard boiled or easy
These yolks may be cheesy
But there’s much to reflect as year-ends go

What can we learn from the humble coop?
Among its kind not the brightest group
Well, Mr. Trump this year
Amid sporadic cheer
Showed us hearts not minds can win a troop

The thing to be learned from it I guess—
Is much can be achieved by those who press
Why cry fowl
Or throw in the towel
Only a hen ever sat its way to success

Like the chicken, if you find yourself stood
Wondering whether crossing a road is good
Do swiftly gauge
Your particular cage--
As it’s the other side you covet, you should

When opportunity squawks and you heed
You’ll find that hardships are chicken feed
A rotten egg or so
Isn’t enough to slow
The ride to any dream you feel you need

And if the plumage of avenues has dried up
All your fair-feather friends nobly tied up
A wild goose chase
Wouldn’t be out of place
To get your poultry in motion, sunny side up!


HAPPY 2017!


Here’s hoping this year brings a
cackle of goodies for you and your
loved ones--best of cluck!

Shashank :)